The best shortcut to having a breakthrough: how I will solve my eating disorder (½, the shortcut to having a breakthrough)

The best shortcut to having a breakthrough

I had one of the biggest breakthrough in my life today. I realized how I could lose weight sustainably while I have been trying to do so for over 15 years… Half my life!

I’ll describe how this breakthrough happened, and what it is, so that you can apply the breakthrough process yourself (or the weight loss advice, or both).

Here I go…

These days I ran out of ideas about what to write in my blog, mostly because I kept myself busy with the tons of projects I am working on. I was very happy about it, don’t get me wrong, but the girl needed a break…through!

Here are the two steps that represent a hugely helpful shortcut to make an important discovery about anything:

1- I had an (impossible) issue that needed to be resolved

Through one of the courses I am following I committed to something I really think will be impossible: within 9 months, I want to be able to perform a Half Flag Invert. As you can see, this is one of the most difficult pole dancing move, and I clearly don’t have the physical abilities nor the techniques yet to achieve it.

Committing to the impossible is extremely important in shifting your mind to a higher level. It forces you to think differently (simply because your current mindset consider it impossible). It is a brilliant highway to major breakthroughs all along the process.
You only need to have a problem to solve to achieve a breakthrough, but committing to the impossible is the most effective way to go.


You have to ask yourself: if I had a gun to my head (or one of my loved one was held hostage for this period) and I had no choice, what would I do?
Surprisingly the goal feels achievable all of a sudden, it feels just about building a strategy and sticking to it.

Back on my issue, to master this crazy move, I have listed the three things that I absolutely know I need to do and cannot go around:
1) To build major strength, in my whole body, mostly on cores and upper body (grip, arms and back)
2) To lose a lot of fat (30 to 35 pounds, not particularly of weight, of fat) to be able to simply lift myself up (something I never managed to do), while not over-exhausting myself (I need to keep my muscles intact in the process)
3) To learn the technique on the pole itself

I decided to focus on the 2) losing weight, first. Here I had my problem. A problem I have had for half my life as I said. Pretty difficult to overcome right…

2- I took a break, got off track, reframed… and had THAT badass breakthrough :-)

I went out alone on my lunch break, with the simple objectives of i) eating something healthy and ii) eating light. When I came out of the building, I saw the weather was amazing, and I felt like going for a walk, with an inspiring song in my ears.

This is what changed everything: instead of going to the usual places I go when I am alone, I just walked through the streets around my office, going to places I usually never go.

This, my fellow readers, is just the most efficient shortcut I know, for triggering a breakthrough: going on free, wandering around, with a nice tune in your ears, at a time when you usually feel pressured (for me lunch breaks work just fine because I am still pressured by work and always a bit worried about when I should come back).
Going off track on those moments gives a feeling of pure freedom (though it’s pretty easy isn’t it?) and helps to reframe any issue you are struggling with at the moment (and in general).

I hope you were taking some notes, because that was the shortcut I was referring to: 1- To have a problem, preferably “impossible” to solve (according to you at least) and 2- To take a break out of a usually stressful moment, go off track, and reframe your problem.
It always work for me. And each time it happens, I actually feel stupid for not doing this more often (note to myself: probably because I keep myself too busy and I am too scared to go off tracks)

My breakthrough was to Love my food, with all my heart… and all the way! ( have dedicated a whole post to this, don’t forget to chect it out!)

P.S. Do you have any other tricks to get a major brealkthrough? Did this article help? If yes, I want to hear from you!
Just send me an email.


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